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Quotes We have a Norfolk Island Pine tree that was about 40 feet high, and it began to split apart at the top, and we feared it might soon break apart and fall on our house. TJ gave us a good price, and we had him cut off about 20' from the top, so now we won't worry any more. He and his crew worked quickly and efficiently together, to accomplish what we asked him to do. They cleaned up the yard, and it was cleaner when they left, than it was when they arrived here. They were friendly and courteous to us old folks, and we would recommend them to anyone who needs their service. Quotes
Al Friend
Happy customer

Quotes Last year we used TJ Tree service to "storm prune" our 187 Oak trees. They were professional and hard working. We are happy with them. Quotes
Bill Frysinger
Lancaster 1 HOA

Quotes About a month ago, on the recommendation of someone I trusted, I contacted T Jay?s Tree Service to remove 2 dead pine trees that were threatening my barn. They came out the next day and quickly & safely brought both huge trees down ? their prices were very reasonable, work was courteous and efficient. I help at RVR Horse Rescue in Riverview, FL, so when an oak tree needed to be removed to make way for a critical care medical stall, I called TJ, explained the situation, and despite him having 3 weeks of work scheduled, he managed to come out the following afternoon; and with a thunderstorm threatening, took down the tree safely ? causing no damage to any of the closely surrounding fencing, water treatment, stalls, etc. ? a very difficult and calculated drop. When I asked him how much, he said ?You don?t owe me anything ? I?m glad to be able to help.? WOW!! I cannot recommend them highly enough for their professionalism and compassion. THANK YOU T JAY?S! Quotes
Kathie Judy
Very happy customer!

Quotes The Ruskin Womens Club used TJay for all their tree removal and trimming over the last two years, not only are there prices competitive but they cleaned up the yard so it looks like they were not even there. They were a blessing to our clubhouse and the grounds. Highly recommend them to anyone, very professional and great customer service. Quotes
Carolyn Jones

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